Holy Glitter! Glitter powder for Gels, have to share

Hi ladies,
I finally found them! So excited...

So my nail Salon has these beautiful glitter powder colors that you sprinkle on your nails for the most amazing glitter effect I have yet to see. I finally found where to buy them and wanted to share with anyone who is looking, www.sparleyez.com. The glitter is even safe to use on eyes, lips and body tattooing. It's only $5 for a pot that goes a long way.
I use it with my gelish polish and I can't tell you how many compliments and inquiries I get about it.
Wanted to pass on the love. Maybe this is what you are looking for just didn't know it yet :heart:
also just found Therockstarnails.com has some way awesome glitters and she said I could buy just the glitter to mix in my gels. but i do buy them in the acrylic since I still do lots of acrylic work too!! check them out!