Holy freakin' canoly!!!

  1. Jimmy Choo.com is officially 50% online now.:yahoo:

    It must have been within the past few hours...

    Anyway, I am so excited. Had the worst day moving (and still am moving). DH and I are both doctors, but "he" is the doctor :cursing:. So I have been the one moving and arranging EVERYTHING plus physically hauling loads into our apartment using my kid's stroller as a dolly! (DH has a useless dolly with a flat tire and didn't want to throw it away, yet didn't want to spend the time to fix the tire nor spend the money to buy a new one).:feminist:Men!

    In short, this made my day... I got the last JC Maddy in Champagne at 50% off... $660 total with shipping. OMG, I feel so much better now. :party:Almost may not kill DH tonight after all.
  2. Did I tell you all how excited I am???? Moved stuff into the apartment, checked to see if the internet worked, checked email, checked Jc.com... This made my day!:yahoo:
  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going there now!
    What did you get?
  4. Is it only in the UK - I don't see it - I'm on the site now, but I'm a computer moron.
  5. :cursing:I cant see anything.... Im getting an error....:cursing:
  6. This is driving me crazy - I don't get anything either.
  8. Oh...one last thing. I had no problem getting on the site and ordering at 2:30 PM, everything went right through. It was a bit slow but nothing major.

    I imagine the site is getting busier so that may be holding things up.

    Good luck to anyone who is shopping....I hope you've gotten through OK! :smile:
  9. Good job bonniec!:woohoo:I just scored a new Ramona :yahoo: Thanks! I have been eyeing this one for awhile but thought maybe I already had enough Choos for now. I know, I know...that is not possible:graucho:

    Looking forward to see what other ladies get. There are some really pretty bags left.

    ramona embroidered.jpg
  10. HELP!
    Where did you find the Burgundy Riki?
    I really want one and just don't see it :O
    ugh! I need a computer class way more than another bag!
  11. Bonnie congratulations on your new Maddy:drinkup:. Sorry to hear about the move. Moving is really tedious work. I have done quite a bit of that myself. Amazing what a new Choo can do! Hmmm...sounds like good title for a Dr. Seuss book:smile: Thanks again for the post:flowers:

    Stinkerbelle, congratulations on your Burgandy Riki. I predict you will love her, you will crave more JC, and you will be back!
  12. I pulled up the link for ALL bags and it was near the bottom of the page! I got the last one though, as soon as my CC payment went through the bag was marked out of stock. I've wanted this bag ever since I saw it on Bonniec. I think it's going to be a great color for Fall, especially with black!

    I hope you find something you like....it's a great sale!
  13. WOW!
    Samantha - that bag is stunning!
  14. Thanks Stinkerbelle - I'm glad you got it!
    I really want a Mahala - but cannot get them to pull up:crybaby::crybaby:
    What bad timing - the cursor just stays stuck an hour glass.
  15. I fear you may be right.....so many beautiful bags! Full price is a bit out of my league, but if I can hang in there for the sales, I'm sure I'll be adding one or two more along the way! :yes: