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    Pattaya Mail - Vol. XIII No. 17 - Friday April 29 - May 5, 2005 News

    Police bag fake Vuitton vendor

    Police confiscated 234 bags and fashion accessories, all fake copies of the Louis Vuitton brand name.

    Pattaya police raided a South Pattaya bag shop on Monday afternoon and arrested the owner for intellectual property rights infringement. Officers found the entire shop full of Louis Vuitton copied bags and accessories.

    Kanya Polsaen, 18, the owner confessed everything to police saying that there was more to be found at the store near her shop. Police obtained a search warrant and raided the storeroom, finding a further 234 bags and fashion accessories with the Louis Vuitton brand name.

    Kanya was charged with breaking intellectual property laws and illegally selling banned merchandise. She was remanded into custody pending court proceedings.
  2. EEEK! Where is south pattaya? From the writing looks like Thailand.
  3. yes, it's Thailand
  4. Yay! 234 fewer fakes in the world (assuming they get destroyed).
  5. haha, well that was in 2005, I wonder what happened in the end!?!?
  6. This reminds me of when I worked for gazillionaires who held a yearly party in which they would lay out a ton of counterfeit LV merchandise, from shoes to wallets and handbags and belts, for all the gals to browse and buy. I didn't realize how foul it was back then, though I never bought anything. It's not just a broke-person's crime!
  7. Good thing they got caught!
  8. Thank gosh the police showed up
  9. Good to here the police got there! If only they would get chinatown...
  10. The 18 yo owner isn't the girl in red is it?!
  11. 234?! :nuts:
  12. Woww...18 year old? :wtf:
  13. Glad they got busted. :biggrin:
  14. :roflmfao: you just cracked me up!
  15. I am less hung up on the fakes then the fact that the person running the ring was 18 yrs old. I wasn't organized enough to get up in the morning and go to class let along run a counterfeit ring.

    Maybe someone needs to offer her a job with Ford -- she can help run Aston Martin now!