Holy crappola, Joe Gaudet [vid]

  1. Is that him for real or is he lip syncing?? and who is he??

  2. I don't think he is syncing.... looks pretty real to me.
  3. Yeah it looks real....yikes :wtf:
  4. Holy moly!
  5. Wow! At first I thought he was lip synching but he varied the song a little. That was wild!
  6. His name is Joe Gaudet. He's from Boston,MA and he's an actor. I found his myspace page and he's really funny! lol he does impressions and is a magician and can dance. We should all spread this video and his myspace around to everyone and get this kid famous! He should be in movies.!!!!

    myspace.com/joegaudet check it out!
  7. Holy cow, that's good !
  8. that was pretty good. my daughter enjoyed it. muchas gracias.
  9. Freaky good!:yes:
  10. OMG! he is good!!
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