Holy Crap !!!

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  1. I didn't realize the Julianne is like $900 !!! I will be taking that off my list. Why so much ? Does anyone think it will go to outlet and for how much ? Thanks ! I' m sad now mostly because I really want a YSL Muse which is kind of similar and I don't know if the price difference would make me buy the Julianne or just save a little more for the YSL which I assume comes with the long strap too ?
  2. The regular leather Julianne is $458...did you want the large one?
  3. Yeah I have seen the prices on some of the Juliannes... I think the prices of all the coach bags have been a little ridiculous... thats why I only like a lot of the accessories or jewelry... I think the Julianne is overpriced, especially at $900 bucks! :wtf:

  4. The reg. Julianne is only 458 the lgr is 900 is it the color? the steel now comes in the med. I saw it on the website today!
  5. I haven't seen the Large...is it quite a bit bigger...it must be for the price difference!
  6. I asked the SA at my boutique if Juliannes are going to the outlets and she told me they weren't. :sad:
  7. ^^^I'm guessing they will show up at the outlets in a couple of months.
  8. $900!? :shocked: I can wait for them to possibly hit the outlets, or the Bay!
  9. I don't know, it was the one they had on display hook on one of the tables at the Coach store but I didn't know it came in diferent sizes, it was parchment. Do they make the large in the parchment ?
  10. Nope, no large in the parchment. Just Espresso & Steel, an ivory patent, and now the Spectator ones, which carry an even bigger price tag:faint:
    My parchment is the regular size, but fits all the things that I carry in my large sabrina just fine...and at $458, she's easier on the wallet!:tup:
  11. The price on the large is kind of ridiculous imo. It's not THAT much larger than the regular one, and certainly doesn't look like a $900 bag to me. The travel Sabrina costs that much and it's considerably larger than the large Julianne. Go figure :weird:
  12. I have the regular Julianne and it is plenty roomy. Btw, I saw the new steel one while on vacation last week and it is tdf!