HOLY CRAP, you guys are too sweet!

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  1. oh, you guys...i am bawling like a baby right now.

    i opened up my email to see emails from you all, helping to pay for ruby's microchip and vet bills.

    thank you, guys. it's not just the money, it really isn't. it's SO much more than that, you have no idea. you all are amazing and ruby and i are so lucky. :heart:

    HUGE thank you kidlearner, hangbglvr, mariadele, lindsay (don't recognize the name offhand?), beth, knuttybar.

    thank you for your truly RANDOM act of KINDNESS and for being my support when i needed you all. i am blessed to have you all as friends.
  2. wow, i wish i knew the story behind Ruby. gives me plenty of more reasons why to say the purse forum is such a great forum. you have such a sweet family here:crybaby:
  3. RUBYS HOME!!!!????? :yahoo::wlae::tup::nuts:OMG! I totally missed this! OMG I am so friggin happy for you! How did you find her? I'm gonna have to do some research here - oh Kallison that is the best news this week!:yahoo:
  4. kallison:

    I don't know what happened to your dog Ruby but I am glad that she is safe at home with you. I hope that everything turns out okay and that she is feeling better soon.

    kind regards,
  5. Kallison - I don't know the story of Ruby either, but it sounds like everything turned out well! I'm so happy for you!!! :yahoo: I know that my pets are like my babies, sounds like you feel the same! I'm so glad you found support here on TPF, everyone here really has a heart from what I've seen & I'm fairly new here. :heart: I just love this place!!!
  6. I'm so glad to hear she's home!

  7. :yahoo:Oh!! I had missed this as well... and I'm so glad to hear that she is home!! I'm going to try to track down what happened in the RAOK thread!!!

    Give her lots of snuggles!! :love:
  8. I was glad to see in your siggie that she's home!
  9. I wondered when I saw that in your sig, that's great!!
    I'm still very new here but it's so nice to see what a great group of ladies ya'll are... I'm glad I found tPF!
  10. Ruby is home?!!?!?!? HOORAY!!!

    How did I possibly miss this?! Oh Kal, I am so happy for you!!!!
  11. you do so much on here w/ roak's, encouraging words and many many other things, it was the least that could be done.
    Ruby is lucky to have a momma like you!

    Have you heard that song by Kaiser Chiefs called Ruby?
    That song has been in my head for a few days now because of your Ruby...lol.
  12. Everytime I hear that song I thikn of Kal and Ruby, lmao! Ruby Ruby Ruby Rubyyyyy!! oohhhhhhhhhh, lol
  13. We got your back, GF!:yes:

    SO glad Ruby is home!
  14. haha, yes!
    ruby ruby ruby rubyyy! ohhhh, do ya do ya do ya do yaaaa!

    I need to download it.
  15. Go on vacation and miss everything! So glad Ruby is back!!!!!
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