Holy Crap! Where can I find this shoe??? *Swoons*

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  1. try the SW stores?
  2. #3 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
  3. Guess I might have to hunt ebay. I did see that listing (thank you!), but I unfortunately have really tiny feet (5-6). I'll try calling around the stores. Thank you for the information, i:heart:bags
  4. You're welcome! I'll keep on the lookout too. :tup:
  5. Thanks! You're so sweet!
  6. #7 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    I was bored :whistle: with time on my hands. So I livechated nordtrom and was told that there are several stores with these available in gold in 5 - 6. They rep spoke to someone named Stephone at the Scottsdale, Arizona store (#380) and was told they were available there his number is 480-429-1600. I hope you get them!
  7. ^^ You rock! :woohoo:
  8. b00mbaka that was awesome of you!!!
  9. OMG, you're amazing!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:You guys on this forum never cease to amaze me!!!
  10. LOL! You are welcome! Glad I could help someone out