Holy crap today must be my lucky day


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
Today is my lucky day. I went to deposite my daily $.55 in the Coke machine this morning to enjoy my 12 oz. of sugar filled liquid caffine. As I pressed the button, 3 cans came out! Guess who's going to the casino tonight? :nuts:


Jan 20, 2006
A really funny thing happened to me when I was at work once. The pop machine broke, and it just kept spewing out bottle after bottle of juice, after I'd put my money in. My boss had to unplug it, in order to make it stop. It was giving me every single bottle and can that it had got inside it!

Should have bought a lottery ticket or something, on that day, I guess!


Jan 29, 2006
Dang! You ladies must have some great karma. Coke machines always just eat up my money. Or else the product gets stuck and I have to start kicking at the machine to get it out. Very undignified. Once a professor saw me practically sticking my whole body into a snack dispenser to get out a package of pretezels that got stuck en route. He asked very nicely if I wanted him to get me a stick outside to reach up for it. HA!


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
When I was in high school we had a Fruitopia machine. I figured out one day (I was REALLY bored) that I could stick my arm up in it and get free drinks. My luck came to an end one day and my arm got stuck. Yeah, I was in a lot of trouble.


Dec 24, 2005
lol, enjoy them! i've never gotten more than what i paid for but i do get my money taken away from me!

on friday my friend saw $10 lying on the floor and said she wasn't going to pick it up so i did, bought myself a hamburger (this was at our school's powderpuff game) and then she proceeded to take the money (it was sticking out of my wallet as i was fumbling with everything else in my arms) and took $5 and gave me back $2. even if it was $5 i was p.o.ed at her!