Holy crap! Scorching hot deal I got!!!!

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  1. K, so I am freaking out bc I just got a total steal!!! There was a guy on my local craigslist who said his wife was throwing out her used handbags...3 were coach with matching wallets... so he was going to sell them all for $80.00!!!

    Not only did I get this bag WITH a matching wallet...(please note, I'm not selling mine, I just attached this auction to show you the bag)


    but I also got a medium black signature Zoe (factory bag), with the hottest black wallet I've ever seen, but the guy threw in matching checkbook covers in orange leather and black.

    My coworker took the third signature bag with green trim with a matching wallet with green trim!!!

    So all in all, 3 coach bags, 3 matching wallets, 2 matching checkbook covers and a non coach bag (which a friend is buying from us for $20) means we paid $80-$20- $60 bux!!!:woot: I paid $40 for my 2 bags, matching wallets and matching checkbook covers...the Zoe needs a little TLC to the leather but the condition of the rest of the bags is GREAT!!!!
  2. Wow, great score! I love finding deals on CL!
  3. I gotta start checking Craig's list!
  4. Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. nice score!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  6. Fantastic score, congrats!
  7. Nice job!
  8. I hope his wife knew what he was doing lol. Congrats, great deals.
  9. Very nice score!!!! I wish I could find deals like that.
  10. Gotta love Craigslist! I got my large python sophia off Craigslist for $65 from someone like this guy who didn't really know how much it was worth. Anyway,great deals. I am happy for you.
  11. Awesome deal. Congrats on all your goods.
  12. Sweet!!
  13. So jealous! Congrats!
  14. Yay for great deals!!!!! Congrats my friend:smile:
  15. amazing deals