Holy crap!! Peyton heaven at my outlet...just in 12 peytons!!

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  1. HI ladies,
    Just came back from my outlet they had about 12 peytons just being taken out of the box.

    Here's the run down:

    4 white patent leather ones.

    2 teal ones

    2 green pearlized *i think* ones

    About 4 gold ones??!

    All 50% off retail price.

    RIVERHEAD TANGER OUTLETS, NEW YORK. I was JUST there, so call in the morning to get one. I don't know the number off hand but you can get it quickly at the Tanger Outlet website.
  2. I meant to post this in the shopping section mods, I apologize.
  3. did they have any sabrinas?
  4. I think a bunch of Peytons are now showing up at the outlets. There was a table of them at my outlet today.
  5. I haven't been to my outlets in over a month but I can just imagine all the beautiful Peytons. I saw a picture of someone's Peyton collection here and out of all the colors I think that the Pearlized green Peyton stood out the best.
  6. No prob! I will move it right over for ya. :biggrin:
  7. That's my fav one, Oops!! I think one reason I love the Peytons is because they did so many nice colors!! Sometimes I really like a style but don't care for the colors.