Holy crap...my aunt is awsome!

  1. I love my family! Even though they don't buy LV themselves they never say anything about me doing it.

    My mother is in the hospital and my aunt came to visit. I told her about all the shopping that i've been doing and she asked about the things that I had wanted to sell awhile ago she then asked if people make good money buying/selling bags.

    basically the conversation led to me explaining how Mypoupette sellers probably can make a living off of selling if they invest enough..then came the kicker......

    she said she is very interested in starting up her own consignment business! Not only for LV but for all labels! She said she would love it if I spent my time researching bags and finding them because she doesn't have a clue about the different labels. I guess she wants to work from home and sees this as something she can do. I told her she would have to pay me of course....in handbags! lol

    So wow...what an offer! i don't know how serious she is about it but the thought is pretty cool. She's pretty wealthy so i'm sure she doesn't see as big of a risk as I do. I wonder really how she plans to do it...eBay? her own site? Guess all things she has to figure out.

    that story is kind of sorted but i'm so excited that i'm just typing as fast as i can...the thought of my aunt becoming a mypoupette seller is just SOOO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    OK...off to shop for me now! lol
  2. Cool! :nuts:
  3. Oh, that sounds like it would be an amazing job to have!!!
  4. Great idea but I am a MyPoupette Seller & I don't make a living at it, if she is quite wealthy perhaps just a hobby for her. Hope your mum is ok
  5. sounds cool!
  6. man I bet you have fun though playing with those bags as they come and go!

    I don't think she intends to try and make loads of money but I bet she'll have fun too! She owns a rehab center here in MN so it has GOT to be more fun that that!
  7. Thank you! She will be Ok thank goodness!
  8. That'd be a cool hobby!
  9. That's awesome, good luck and I hope it works out for you!
  10. Cool. Where'll she get the bags?
  11. I wondered the same thing. We spent about 5 minutes on the subject before the conversation finished. I would hope she could find things her friends don't want. I've been to parties at her house and those ladies have some nice things!

    I was thinking tonight about how she would have to sell for 9 months (went to read MPRS application)....I have a feeling she would get bored

    love her though and her excitement for something I also have a passion for!
  12. How cool!!! :nuts:

  13. Nice. You are very lucky, I know people who buy LV themselves and STILL talk. :shrugs:
  14. sounds like a fun job!!!
  15. Fun!