Holy crap! Just scored a black Matelasse from Bluefly

  1. Oh my:nuts: :nuts: Bluefly had a black Matelasse this morning & I snagged it! While trying not to pee my pants. I ordered a brown Matelasse yesterday from them~ I guess that one's going back because black was my first love. Or maybe I will keep them both! Someone STOP ME!
  2. ^^congrats! I check a million times a day and never find them in stock. apparently my bag karma is off these days. is it the large size?
  3. It's the smaller one, 12" wide. Same size as the brown one I got. I had no expectations of finding anything this morning & Bam, there it was! Unfortunately, I used my 15% off coupon yesterday with my brown one so I ended up paying full Bluefly price~ which was still about $400 off retail. I did use ****** so I get my whopping 4% back:p
  4. that so great! well, it gives me hope that they are carrying the smaller size in black. i'll keep checking back with fingers crossed.
  5. CONGRATS! Great score!
  6. Congrats! Um, not that I would do this but you can sign up with a different email address to take advantage of the codes more than once. Congrats on finding a black one!!

  7. :graucho: You clever thing you.. now why didn't I think of that!?
  8. Congratulations.
  9. well done! post picsas soon as you get it :yes:
  10. CONGRATS:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae:
  11. I'm interested in a bag at Bluefly. Where can I get the 15 percent off code?
  12. Ronda, look under DEALS & STEAlS Forum.
  13. acegirl! you are doubly fortunate to score both the black and the brown... Let us know if u fall in love w/ both or prefer one to another--- curious since u will get to see both together! :yes:
  14. Congrats! I saw a girl with a black one the other day and it looked really cute on her. :smile:
  15. Thanks. I used it on a Tocca bag that I just love.

    Congrats on the matelasses!