Holy crap I fell in love with a Gap bag. ro for pic

  1. Whatcha think?

    Its reaaaaaally soft leather, kinda like my Hayden Harnett belt handle clutch. It was $134 which is crazy for Gap, but I thought it was pretty reasonable for what I was getting. The quality isn't too great (some of the stitching is slightly skewed) but I'm just telling myself its the "deconstructed" look. ;)
  2. love your spycam shot. :yes: it looks as though gap has joined BR, etc in trying to introduce better and higher pricepoint bags. the stitching would really be a concern though for that $. interesting to see how it develops.
  3. That looks really nice! Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is capitalizing on the handbag craze? $134 for a GAP bag is alot for the company's targeted consumers.
  4. damn that is crazy expensive for gap. i agree everyone is jumping on the wagon making handbags.
  5. Looks really cute, enjoy!!!!
  6. that is expensive for gap! but enjoy! i'd buy at least a coach for $134.00 though...
  7. I agree, but the bag looks really nice! Enjoy!
  8. I acutally saw it when I was out shopping today. I must agree the price is outrageous but the leather is super soft. I was going to wait until it goes on major sale to get it b/c I do like the vintage look of it
  9. Really cute!!!!

    Perfect example that bags can be just as gorgeous if they aren't costing you over $1 k!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. That is expensive for Gap I agree - but it does look lush - it will be great when you don't want to use a really expensive bag - I really like it!
  11. Wow, cute bag!