Holy Crap I can Barely Walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. So I work out quite regularly and have weight trained for years. I switch up my routine after several weeks to surprise my muscles. Anyway, Wednesday I did a different lower body sequence and I did a lot of calf exercises. As of Friday I can barely walk!!!:rolleyes:
    My calves are killing me! Just standing and putting my feet flat makes me moan!!

    I was walking up the stairs in my house and one of my sons was behind me. He said, "Mom are you ok? Why are you walking like you have a stick up your butt?"

    It really is quite pathetic!! I did upper body yesterday and am fine. thank God my son was home sick today and I didn't get to go to spin class I probably would have cried like a baby!!:yes:

    Cristina - you're strong...you will have to come carry me around!:p
  2. that's awesome though!!!
  3. Ha! I have done this before...usually after doing several too many stairs at a stadium or something. Yeah, I've been so bad you can't walk up stairs or hardly flex your calves at all! I'm kinda sick though...even though it hurts so bad, it's still such a great feeling...
  4. AWW !! Sorry to hear that you are in such pain !!

    Exercise is SO muscle specific and your muscles really do adapt and become used to your workout routines.:yes:

    So you trick them every so often and.... voila...you can't walk !!! ;)
  5. What did you do? I'd love to be that sore! It feels so rewarding!
  6. I read the title of the thread and assumed there had been a lot of sex involved!
  7. ^

    Gratz on your new work out sequence, don't worry, keep doing it and you'll be fine. ;)
  8. LOL I would be able to carry you, only my back is a little sore from Thursday's workout, and my butt and quads are recovering from a tough leg workout :p Lunges = murderous! :push:

    I'm LMAO at what your son said! :roflmfao:

    Hope you feel better soon! Try not to walk too much - sitting on the couch with a glass of wine or chocolate (or both!) should do the trick ;)
  9. Merika - I wish it were due to sex!! I wouldn't complain abou that!
    Cristina - Luckily (sort of) my son is still sick so I'm homebound while my dh takes our other son to various activities...can't get to the gym Phew!! Couching it big time!!

    katriese831 - I did calf raises w/ the other foot behind my working leg to increase resistance. I did 5 sets - 12 reps, then 10 reps, 8 reps, then 6 and then back to 12. Then I did calf raises w/ my toes in an eye shape (pointed inward) 12 reps and then in a v shape 12 reps.
    This was along w/ my whole other newly switched up leg and butt routine. Oy!!
  10. That is my favorite feeling... no lie! The feeling of knowing you worked so hard yo can barely walk. Reminds me of my competitive athlete days!
  11. me too Megs! I love it!!
  12. I remember feeling like that. I did an intense workout on the crosstrainer, and I would feel like Bridget Jones. (Remember the scene in Bridget Jones's Diary where she did a punishing workout on the exercise bike. She finished her workout, got off the bike and fell to the floor, exclaiming "f:cursing: ck."
  13. Wow guys!! You make my workout routine sound like kindergarten LOL. I do spinning 3 times a week. What I do for soreness is work out even more after I rest for a day. That's what took my pain away when I started spinning after years of being a couch potato! Hope it's of any help, and feel better soon!
  14. Yeah, it's a good pain. I'm totally recovered now but I was wishing we didn't have any stairs in our house! Everytime I would walk up them I woul make this horrible moaning noise and it was freaking one of my kids out! LOL!
  15. I agree, although its painful, your pain reminds you of how hard you worked-- its a good pain as your muscles are being toned ;)