holy cr*p, i got the bait and switch...

  1. Seriously.
    I sold my Black S/S 05 City for a Black F/W 05 Work and I got a piece of illegal leather in the mail.

    I cried at the post office!

    the thing has silver hardware, skinny handles, the dreaded THREE studs (weekender like) on the handles...

    oh man, I'm dizzy.

    And of course I paid with the funds from my city and not my CC.

    Her feedback was good, she wasn't selling any other questionable bags at the time. man.

    I'm so sad.

    I even ASKED her if the bag in the photo's was the bag she would be sending, you know? To let her know that I knew that scam?
    She's an idiot.

    Oh well. I've had sooooooo many great experiences on eBay it was bound to happen eventually? ugh.

    Had to vent, thanks for listening.

    I CRIED in public over a handbag!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    and I'm out 1400 CDN!
  2. :wtf: OMG, I am soo sorry! Was this on eBay? Can you file a chargeback ASAP?
  3. It was on eBay.
    I don't think I can chargeback unless I paid with a CC, and like I said, I just transferred the funds over from my beloved 05' City :sad:

    I opened a claim though. And wrote her a letter within that claim.
  4. ^^ I have to agree w/ Becca... :wtf:

    That is really crappy. It makes people that are actually honest think twice before buying or selling on there again... I would be ill too, and trust me - probably would have cried in public too.... And I DON'T cry ever!!

    Good luck dear!! And you give that evil seller "what for"!!!!!!!! File it ASAP!!
  5. ^ I know!! I can't even remember the last time I cried from disapointment?? Maybe when I was 6? haha

    I'm disillusioned too, I'm a karma FREAK!

    Last weekend I found $100 bill in a line up at the drug store and ended up finding the owner, I returned a $2000 digital camera to lost and found in a huge mall...
    when my 3 year old son's tux was rung in the lady only scanned the jacket and rang up the reciept and I pointed out the other $200 she missed.

  6. OMG Winona, I'm so sorry this happened to you,
    I really hope you win the claim and get your funds back!
    Good luck, keep us posted please!
  7. That is totally insane, what is worse is now I don't think CC is going to protect you all that much either. I had problem trying to file a dispute for SNAD merchandise, the CC rep said these claims are so subjective and the verdict varies :crybaby: I certainly hope the seller respond to you and do something about it, please keep us posted :heart:
  8. so sorry to hear what happened to you.....hope you can get your money back
  9. Oh winona I am so sorry to hear this! My heart is really aching for you! You are taking it so well too. If it were me, I'd probably be in the fetal position somewhere...:sweatdrop:
  10. Oh Winona, I'm so sorry to hear that, you poor thing, I know how you feel I had the very same thing done to me! what is her ebay id? I really don't know how some people sleep at night:cursing:
    Did you contact ebay yet?
    Hugs from me
  11. OMG! I am so sorry winona... :crybaby:
  12. Some people are unbelievable! :mad:

    I hope it all works out and you get your money back!
  13. I feel sick for you. There has to be some recourse. :sad:
  14. oh no! thats awful!

    I hope everything works out, paypal claims take forever, mine took over a month. I eventually got all my money back except $100. and I'm still waiting for that. (you know who you are)
  15. ^^ same here. I REALLY hope something can be resolved. this is so sad, i am so sad for you, i hate being deceived and when it costs a lot it's doubly bad!! good luck with your claim!