Holy Cow !

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    A cow landed in the back seat after getting hit by a Boston-area woman's car.

    It was surprise enough when Tanya Coccia’s car accidentally hit two cows that had wandered on to the road.
    It was an even bigger surprise when Coccia and her 14-year-old daughter realized one of the cows had landed in her back seat.
    “It was alive and kicking and trying to right itself,” Coccia told MyFOXBoston.com on Friday.
    When emergency crews arrived they found the cow in the car shaking after falling through the back window, according to MyFOXBoston.com.
    The cows had wandered away from a nearby beef farm. One cow had to be euthanized, MyFOXBoston.com reports, but the cow in the backseat survived and was towed back to the farm while still in the car.

  2. Yikes!
  3. Omg!
  4. That's so nuts!
  5. Awww. She should have adopted it! Poor cow. It should be given a reprieve, like the Thanksgiving turkey that the President pardons every year. ETA, it's sad that it's still going to end up as somebody's hamburger :sad:
  6. Okay am I the only one that finds this kind of funny? MOOOOO
  7. Is it sad that I laughed? :roflmfao:
  8. Poor cows :sad:
  9. Aww, poor little cows!:sad:
  10. How does one "accidentally" hit two cows, one hard enough to fling it into her car?

    Unreal. Poor cows. It is kinda funny, but I can't help but think, what if those were people? <shudders>
  11. WOW WHAT A CRAZY STORY! sorry just noticed caps
  12. It was fun until i realized the cow is being 'tow' back to BEEF FARM :crybaby: Look at those eyes~
  13. :crybaby::crybaby: Poor little cows, this makes me so sad.
  14. oh those poor cows.
  15. Oh, no!!! Don't make me cry... I really like cows...