Holy Cow - Windows to the Sky Necklace & Bracelet

  1. As a jewelry designer I rarely get knocked off my feet by other independent jeweler's work...but oh my word. :wtf:

    Jennifer Cassady has outdone herself with this set. The second I saw it my jaw just hit the floor. She has the patience of a saint! Plus, I love Kyanite.

    I've not yet mastered the art of weaving sterling silver like this...and I don't know that I have a real desire to...my patience doesn't last that long.


  2. I would like this done in 18ct gold, just the around the neck part.

    Nice work!
  3. wow!! that is gorgeous!
  4. You should contact Jennifer. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to do this in 18k Gold! :smile: She is SO talented.
  5. that bracelet is stunning. wow.
  6. gorgeous necklace! :love:
  7. Aren't they? I mean...yowza. She always does such pretty work but this one really knocked me over. I love Kyanite and with the sterling it's such a beautiful contrast. :smile:
  8. I will try to locate her! The look is so different than anything I've seen. Thanks for posting!
  9. I'm a ding dong...I spelled her name wrong! it's Casady with one s. Sheesh.

    Here's her website.


    And her e-mail address info@jennifercasady.com

    And just so no one thinks anything is hokey going on...I get no benefit from any sale Jennifer makes. I just really like her work. :smile: I did tell her she could get me a box of chocolates though. :graucho: hee hee

  10. Wow very pretty
  11. oh my goodness...I just checked out her site...and her designs are GORGEOUS!! Thanks for posting this :yes: