Holy cow - the pain!!!

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  1. :sad: For those of you who frequent the TTC forum, you might know that I think I might be pregnant. Today is the day AF was supposed to arrive and for the past few weeks I've been having those feelings that I am pregnant. I've never felt like this before in my life. Classic signs of feeling like AF was there, only 2 weeks early, dizzyness, irritability, weird food aversions. I just feel it.

    So this morning I took a HPT because I've been waiting for so long to take it. It came up negative. AF is supposed to arrive today...all day I've been having cramps. But no AF. And within the past few hours the cramps have intensified to beyond what I've ever felt in my 14 years of having visits from AF. I'm kind of getting freaked out actually. Every 15 minutes or so I double over in my chair (I'm at work until 11 pm) and cannot move for a few seconds. It's starting to scare me.

    I'm almost wondering if I really might be pregnant and mis-carrying? I just don't know. AF won't show up and I feel this pain and I'm just like WTF? Any ideas?
  2. hmm...with this last pregnancy i was all messed up. my stomach hurt, i had really bad cramps and i had diarrhea really bad. i thought it was from food that wasn't cold enough [i was very early in my pregnancy when hurricane ike blew through and we had no power for about a week, so i thought i had eaten some meat or food that was bad]. and AF should have shown up but i was late. and every time i got crampy [really bad] i expected AF to show up...well i am now half way through the pregnancy.

    so my only advice to you is to take some tylenol for the cramps and wait a few more days to see if AF is going to show up.

    but on another note, have you been stressed out lately?
  3. *Jennster* it's hard to tell you what to do or what the pain could be from at the moment. Best thing to do is take some pain medication and take a break. Give your body some time to rest and do whatever it is that it's doing. If AF doesn't show up in the next few days, do another HPT or make an appointment to see your doctor. Hope the pain doesn't get worse or stick around for too much longer. :hugs:
  4. Thanks girls. I've been hesitant about taking something but perhaps I will.

    ilovepinkhearts - no I'm not really stressed at all, other than worrying about whether I'm pregnant or not. But that's a good kind of worry as in hoping that I am. It's good to hear you experienced some pain like this in the beginning. I'm still trying to cling on to any little bit of hope I have that AF won't show up.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I can't wait to get home and sleep so I don't have to feel these freakin cramps...that's assuming I will be able to sleep :shrugs:
  5. Did you take a digital test? The tests that say the words, "Not Pregnant" or "Pregnant"? When I got pregnant the 2nd time, I took tests that were not digital and they were all negative. I finally bought a clear blue easy digital test and it said I was pregnant.

    I think the other tests were positive as well, I just couldn't tell.

    Just an idea.
  6. Interesting...I've only taken the regular kind. If I do end up needing to take another one I will get the digital instead and see what happens :smile:
  7. Good luck Jenn and hope you feel better soon. :flowers:
  8. Well once I was having the worse cramps ever. I thought I was going to die. I was at work and I stayed in the restroom for a long time bending over. I did not go to the Dr until the second day. I had a cyst that popped. That is why I was in pain. I thought they were just cramps. Although that would not explain the dizziness. I would go to the Dr and get checked the first thing they did to me was take a pregnancy Test. I really hope you feel better. Best Wishes :flowers:
  9. Thanks for the info. AF officially arrived really late last night and it came with a vengeance. I've never experienced any type of labor pains of course but for about 5 hours straight I felt what seemed like mini-contractions every 20 minutes or so. I left work a bit early cause I just couldn't deal with it any longer. For all of this pain though, I haven't had much bleeding. The cramps have lessened but every now and again it comes really hard. I'll just sort of wait it out and see if it subsides.
  10. im sorry!! darn AF!
  11. If you have never had a painful period like that, you should go get checked out!
  12. I agree with omgsweet. If this is not normal than more than likely it's not just AF causes the problem. Please get it checked out.
  13. I agree with them as well you should talk to your doctor about that

    I hope you feel better soon