Holy cow! Rebecca Minkoff herself just emailed me back

  1. She is so incredibly nice and was very informative in her answers.

    Here is her response to my questions about the two blue morning after minis that I had questions about:
  2. Hello!Indeed those our both my bags as we constantly are finding differnet linings and having different ones in many batches of bags.The difference in the colors is soley based on when the bags were made. Say I bought a lot of leather in May and had the bag made and then bought another lot in June and then had more of the same bags made, the lot of leather is not going to be 100% at all times be controlled. This is due to the cows, the weather and how long they might have set the leather in the sun to "sunbathe". Mostly colors are very similar and subtle changes are not noticable. Also it may be that one of these stores had the bag in the store window or near the sun and this changed the color of the bag, as that happens just like when we lay out it changes it. In order to prevent this, always put your bag in a dustbag when not in use and keep it out of the sun!:smile:Hope that helps!Best,Rebecca Minkoff
  3. Hi allgoodness, not seeing her response (could be me though, I'm having all kinds of trouble staying logged in to this forum!)...
  4. Im really taking her advice to heart! From now on, when my bag is not in use...it is going straight into the dustbag! And no unneccessary sun for my little morning after babies!
  5. Okay, saw it now! That's so cool -- I've heard that she does that! Great customer service, right?:yes:

  6. Sorry about that, I posted it in the second post! Check it out!
  7. Yeah, I just made a huge @$$/DORK out of myself. I was like WOW, oh WOW, is this THE REBECCA MINKOFF!? I love love love your bags!!!
  8. ^^ That's so sweet & I'm sure she was really flattered! I have actually had the pleasure of speaking to her on the phone (last season she was having a sample sale at "Milk" in LA... I called the store with a question and they just put me on with her). I was so surprised and soooo pleased with her down to earth personality!
  9. ^^^Sofa King Banned? i had a sneaking suspicion that 'allgoodness' was 'foxiyellow' :confused1:
  10. Oh wow! What a nice response. Did you email her from her website? I have a question about the lining(s) of her bags, whether they all are the same.
  11. totally confused. what does that mean?
  12. Fallax Cor, say it to yourself quickly :shame: ...pursegrl12, I think you may be right...:banned:
  13. I saw one of her bags in Nordstrom- a bowler type, in grey, whiskey and green. Gorgeous! Do you think she is going to be one the Hot ,up and coming designers like marc jacobs or chloe? Do you think her bags will hold their value in case we ever want to sell our preowned bags on eBay?
    I was very impressed with the prices, compared to other bags.
    Are we going to have a thread for Rebecca Minkoff Bags???
  14. So did I! She sure hijacked the message boards like Foxi did...I was suspicious! GMTA, I guess!
  15. Can someone pls. explain to me who or what sofa king is, and what sofa king banned is? Thanks...