Holy cow, my entire life is changing tomorrow!

  1. OMG, I'm having a minor panic attack. I'm moving tomorrow!

    I quit my job on Friday, tomorrow I'm moving to Charlottesville, Virginia to start my PhD where we'll know ABSOLUTELY no one! I've never lived anywhere where we know absolutely not a single soul. I'm going to be 5 hours from all of my family and friends! I'm going to miss my Mom soooo much. :crybaby:

    My Mom has literally bought everything I'll need for my bedroom, kitchen & bathrooms because she said if we just sit in the house all day, she'll be too sad so we've been out shopping shopping shopping for two days straight (LOL, I am my mother's daughter).

    My arms and legs ache from running up and down the stair with all from carrying all of my boxes.

    I'm so scared, but excited too. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to get to sleep tonight. This day felt so far away for so long, I have no idea how it snuck up on me so quickly.
  2. Wish you all the best Jillybean! Have a wonderful semester!
  3. Take care, you're going to be fabulous in your PhD program, and you'll meet new people quickly I'm sure!! Don't stress too much, new beginnings are scary but exciting and rewarding as well!
  4. Good luck with your move! I've moved for work a few times. It's always a little nerve wracking, but I've had some great experiences getting to know new places and people.
  5. Wishing you all the best in your new city and adventure!!! The time will fly by, I am sure.

    (and, from an editor---dont get behind on your reference citations when you are working on your PhD....it can be a b**ch to pull it all back together if you do!!!)
  6. Jillybean, I wish you the best with your move and schooling. And don't you worry, you'll meet people very quickly. =)
  7. don't worry,you will have fun there..lot of people there..and for the weekends you can go to wash. d.c ...2 hours away I guess..I love d.c..espically gorgetown
  8. wahhhhhhh!!!! Dont leave me!!!!!!!!sob...sniff...
    eh...ill be there visiting every month to get our martini nts!!lol!
    Love ya girl!u will do great and im only a drive away!!
  9. hey jillybean,

    normal pre moving nerves. don't worry about it, once you're there you'll be in school and get to meet lots of people and can start to explore the area and find your favorite restaurants and bars etc at least you're going there with a firm reason/purpose and things will fall into place very quickly!

    Good luck with the move and drive, let us know how you're doing when you get there and have access to tpf! =)
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  11. How exciting! I'm sure you'll do alright (and I'm so envious you're doing a phd in russian (it was russian, right?) - I don't have the oportunity to take *any* russian classes this semester!)! I did the same kind of move recently (first day at uni tomorrow - yay) and it was odd, but still sort of exciting. Good luck and have fun! :yes:
  12. how exciting for you Jb!! Good luck!
  13. Thanks for all the sweet words. I'm just sooo jittery. It was one thing to make friends at college as an undergrad when there were tons of people living in my dorm, but now I won't be in an environment where it's super easy to meet new people.
  14. You'll meet new people and folks in that area are very friendly. If anything, you'll be wishing they were OUT of your business! :p And the best part is that you have tPF to keep you company when you need it. Godspeed Jillybean, you'll do just great, I'm sure of it! :heart:
  15. LOL, I already warned my BF about that. "I'm going to be lonely & missing my friends, you're not allowed to give me a hard time about being on the tPF!"