Holy cow, I really believe this is an *Bay score!

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  1. Whaddya think? I got her for 49!!! She is super small, but I think PeRfEcT for a night out on the town! :yahoo:She is immaculent and still smells new!

  2. i use this for work all the time...i got mine on ebay for 50...i needed just a small black bag for interviews and work so this was perfect
  3. Cute bag! Definitely a good size (and color) for a night out!
  4. wow! great purse and you got it for an amazing price!!! congrats!
  5. I got that bag from ebay awhile back, brand new for around $85. I loved the dark brown color and the style but found it was too small for me and ended up selling it. You got it for good price though, congrats! :smile:
  6. Great find.:woohoo: It's such a cute bag.
  7. Congrats
  8. Good deal :tup:
  9. That's a cute little bag. :smile:
  10. what a score! congrats!!
  11. Such a cute bag, is not a small as you think. Not big enough for all my junk but it will definetely fit lots of stuff.
  12. congrats on your new score! i love the signature pattern b/c it's there, yet being discrete
  13. I'm carrying this bag today...i have my planner and coach cell phone case in it and they fit fine.
  14. WOW! That is an amazing price.
  15. Cute bag. Excellent deal! :tup: