Holy Cow! Check Out Bluefly This Morning!!!!

  1. That is tricky... They put all the goodies after 10% sale day. I wish I had money to buy all of them. :drool:
  2. ^^^There's a new 10% off code on the Deals & Steals forum. Check that out. ;)
  3. Thanks sooooo much PP, I just ordered the Prada black quilted nylon large tote. I've been wanting a nylon Prada after reading how happy so many are with them. I contacted the live help and they gave me an additional 10% off as well! I am so excited about buying my first nylon bag! :yahoo: Thank you again PP!
  4. :tdown:^wow- I contacted live help and they only gave me free shipping
  5. does bluefly sell authentic stuff? 100%?
  6. 100% :tup:
  7. OMG, I need money, lots and lots of money --- LOL!
  8. wow that is a lot of pradas!
  9. wow - thanks for the post!
  10. they pulled out lot fo stuff during 10% sale...pages for bags was reduced from 5 to 2.. today back to 5 pages...:cursing:

    will they have thanksgiving sale liek most palce? i am holding back to buy a leather PRADA..:sweatdrop:
  11. Can someone tell what currency the prices on Bluefly are in? Is it USD or Euro? Thx
  12. USDollar

    Thanks for the heads up! I like a messenger in Gucci tho.
  13. Look at this one, guys! This is on Bluefly. I haven't seen this one anywhere. Do you love it or hate it? It's "only" $1256, leather/nylon combo.

  14. HOLY COW!! Bluefly really has some rockin' bags this morning!!! :nuts:

    Maybe since they are one of Project Runway's sponsors this season, they are going to bring out the really good stuff! I've got three bags and two belts in my shopping cart. I'm in so much trouble! :push: