Holy cow...can someone explain this to me?

  1. yeah, pretty rare. and very desirable during spring/summer. :yes:
  2. Holy crap! I don't remember it being rare...I've seen it on the website, and I think it was less than $100..

    Who knows why people will pay what they do?
  3. Plus it's from another season.
  4. That coin purse is no longer available and it retailed for $98 when it was in the stores. I guess a few people wanted it and thought it was worth bidding on. I own it and I think it's adorable.
  5. I guess people really really wanted it :shrugs:

    its eBay it happens :nuts:
  6. it's just like with all the legacy stripe stuff...supply and demand.
  7. It was made last year, not offered this year and everyone loves the pink so much that they will pay double what it originally cost.
  8. I think it's cute but wouldn't pay over original retail. I love pink, but not that much.

  9. ITA!!! I bought the lemon for about $70 and i adore it, i love pink and the grapefruit is cute but the lemon for me is equally as cute just not pink and pink isnt worth $70+ more dollars :smile:
  10. She has a lot of cute things! Shoot. As if I need more temptation!
  11. I was one of the people bidding on that. It is supply and demand. They are rare on eBay...one went for over $250 recently. Also, a fellow tPFer won one BIN for $25 about the same time!