Holy Cow - A Fake Jacinda Already???

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  1. Can you believe this?


    Why do I believe it to be fake? For one thing, the Jacinda does NOT have a interior zipper pocket. It has an open pocket. It's one of the things I didn't care for (along with the micro thin leather). Also, that arched seam on the back is wrong.

    Can you believe it?!
  2. That was quick! The stitch on the bag does look really off./wrong.. How odd that there is no interior zip pocket. I wonder why they would do that?
  3. Wow this was fast! I feel bad for the one who wins it, might think it's too soon for fakes.
  4. I am new to Kooba, and just purchased two from NM- the pink Lola and the Lavendar Jacinda. To make a long story short, they both went back. The lavendar was too pale and the Lola was defective. I'm awaitng replacements, and decided to get the Jacinda in black patent instead.

    But here's my question- is the Jacinda new for spring 08, or has it been around for a while? I was under the impression it was one of the classic styles, but then I see this thread which gives me the impression it is new.
  5. --The Jacinda is a brand new style--

    That fake bag is just so wrong!
  6. I reported it and also a seller I know who has an ebay manager is going to report it, so maybe that will help. I also reported the Pink Devin from Taiwan. Alot of people are going to suckered by these new fakes if they aren't pulled.
    Usually it takes some time and you can be assured new bags will be real but these guys were quick.
  7. Wow--that was fast. That just makes it harder to authenticate bags.....
  8. I'm still shocked at how fast that was! Thanks Lexie and anyone else who may have reported it. Despite our efforts it's still up. Maybe they just haven't finished investigating yet.

    Just unreal!
  9. I know, I keep waiting for them to disappear off my watch list. In a way, I'd like to get my hands on one and inspect it inside and out. It's amazing that they made the Devin as well as they did. I imagine the leather sucks.
  10. ewww
  11. The fact that the seller is from Hong Kong might be a tip off!
  12. man i wish they made devins elishas and bonnies in the pink and green colors. bummer! these fakes are icky!
  13. I sincerely hope that you're not implying that every eBay seller from Hong Kong or other parts of Asia sells fakes.
  14. Dear Riceandsoup,
    I sent you a private message, I did not mean to offend you, It wasnt meant that way. Please accept my appoligies if i have.