Holy Chanel......I got 3!

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  1. I've been planning on buying "a" (meaning one, LOL!) Chanel and missed out before the Nov. 2007 price increase. I wanted to buy them this time before the next price increase, so, like any other hot blooded tPF-ers, I ended up getting 3 :wtf:! These are my first Chanels!

    I was also going to get an E/W in red, but it remains elusive. I was also going to get a black PST, but decided against it since I've done enough spending for one day!

    (1) 2.55 in Metallic Silver with polished dark Silver H/W, size 224
    (2) Classic Flap Hybrid in White Caviar, washed leather with Ruthenium H/W, size Medium
    (3) E/W in Black Caviar with Gold H/W (I ordered the Silver Hardware but my SA made a mistake and sent me the Gold Hardware)

  2. You did the right thing girl.......Go for it....Love the three you got, they make a great collection.....great taste, Congrats!!!:heart:H
  3. WOWZA!!!

    All r GORGEOUS!
  4. Oh they are stunning!
  5. :party:
  6. Nice! love the white~
  7. they are all stunning! I esp. love the DS and Dark White Flap:drool: congrats on everything!!
  8. Holy Moly!! 3 drop-dead gorgeous chanels!!

    Heaps of Congrats!!!
  9. so perfect!!! a metallic, a white, a black. you got yourself a great start!
  10. omg! -you're really living up to your tPF nickname (wantmore) !!

    you definitely beat the next price increase... so no more remorse! why do I have a feeling you might end up buying more before the next price increase?

    anyhow, congratulations on the fabulous new additions!
  11. habanerita, Jill, Lady chinadoll, Coldplaylover, sjunky13, fashion, nada, azia, janny
    Thanks a bunch! I'm still giddy about them!
  12. The dark silver 224 is so pretty!
  13. That's exactly why I chose all these colors :smile:! I am set!

    Oh gawd! "wantmore" is so fitting for me....seems like I can't have enough! LOL!
    Nah, I think I'm done....hopefully (Psssst...I joined the Curb Your Consumerism thread).
  14. gorgeous!jw, how much was your hybrid?
  15. awesome purchases, congrats!