Holy BBag Holy-Grails!! Where did they all come from?!?!

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  1. Was it something in the water???

    I can't help but go :wtf::nuts::wtf: at the sheer volume of Holy Grails posted this last month!!!

    Tooshie and Powder's flat hobo scores, Fayden's Turqey, Pluiee's PH Black First, Lovelv's 01 Navy, FirstClass1's Caramel Work, and so many many more :yes:

    Congrats to you ALL!!! :yahoo:

    - and to all the sweet gals that sold these bags, they appear to be in great hands ;)
  2. if it's in the water hmwe46, i need a glass full. where's my ggh vert gazon day? i'd settle for sip of water and settle for the twiggy vert gazon!
  3. Ahh lola, I am sure you HG is out there waiting for you :yes:

    I know mine was literally dropped in my lap today :angel:

  4. Ok spill the beans girl

  5. whhhaa??? me??!??!

  6. :yes:
    Come on!
    Don't be slack!!!
  7. mine sits somewhere collecting dust..........................sadly?
  8. I know darling, Congrats!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    Now, get on with the pics!:graucho::P
  9. :ninja::ninja::ninja:
  10. You're right, there does seem to be an unusual number of holy grails being found these days! I'd been looking for years for mine, and I couldn't believe my eyes when it popped up yesterday!

    hmwe46 - what did you find?? Do tell!!!
  11. Yea "D".... get on with it :P!

    mine should be with me in a week or so :yahoo:
  12. There have definitely been a ton of amazing finds since I visited here last. addicted ali, hmwe, patiently waiting for the reveals:smile:
  13. oh, you can't be like that. you can be bag tease! show pics. pics, pics, pics!!!
  14. Powder, I brought drinks, may I share your popcorn?:drinkup:
  15. If it's raining Holy Grails - then where's my Rouge Theatre Weekender! LOL!