holy alexa? is this real and did one of us win it?

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  1. Wow and wow again!!!
  2. Bl***y hell!!!! Wish i had seen that!!! Surely a mistake???

    There is a company doing fakes - eurohandbags.....check em out.
  3. ...... do you think its real?
  4. It looks real to me.
  5. #6 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2010
    link removed - website selling fake

    check out the fake....
  6. #7 Feb 18, 2010
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    It looks the same as the listing......def fake!!
  7. they are not the same as the listing, the fake has no metal parts on the two straps and the front flap is a totally different shape. look closely they are not good fakes on that website.
  8. the seller had 100% feedback, though i know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. i think it went in the first few seconds I was looking at it - i was kind of struck dumb, keyboard fingerwise!
  9. I am utterly cr*p at spot the difference so a fakers dream! lol

    Thanks for this tho!
  10. OMG, I just got one today from King St in Manchester, if that is real... it can't be can it?
  11. ive just compared it to my alexa and it looks good to me! obviously a few more pics are needed.
  12. Looks good to me too! Wow, what a bargain!!
  13. Well someone has got a great bargain!! Only a third of its original price.
  14. looks quite nicely worn in too......oh why did i not spend all day glued to Ebay???