HOLY !@#$!!! 5 CENT Listing Day May 31st!!!!!!!

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  1. 5¢ Listing Day - May 31, 2007


    For Canada only, but I'm sure the US one is coming, too because they usually come at around the same time. Awesome, eh?!!!

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. EBay had their special for US last Thur.
  3. geesh, the US sale was only 20cents... how come Canada gets a nickel??


    wish I could take advantage of this one!!
  4. no fair!
  5. isn't that like 2cents american???
  6. gah! I totally missed out on the .20 listing. BUT DANG, .05? That's awesome.
  7. Shoot I missed out last week too! Darn...how often do these come around?
  8. WTF?? 5 cents!!!
    I hope the US has the same thing soon!
  9. When is good old Oz going to have one?
  10. I'd list like crazy...if I were Canadian! LOL!! :P
  11. I am constantly getting emails from eBay.ca regarding price promotions like this. It seems to be a very frequent occurence.
  12. Can US residents use this? I missed the last one.
  13. hmmmm, I don't know. what if I listed it under ebay.ca --- wonder if i'll get the .05 :P
  14. I know lots of people who specifically DON'T list on those days because of how many people list, the market is overflowing and closing prices end up lower because of the surplus of inventory for sale.
  15. Good point!!!