Holw old were you...

  1. I just called NM and ordered my first Chanel. Got a great price on it. I'll show everyone when they send it. Just wondering, how old were you when you got your first?
  2. Im 19 and just ordered my first. Somehow i know the older i get, the more of these ill want !! :drool:
  3. The Older? ;) I want more now!!! lol
  4. I got mine when i was 17-18 i think. I kept getting more ever since!
  5. I was 29. Wasn't really into Chanel, but my mom talked me into the purchase. A year or so went by then the Cabas came out. I have been a mad woman ever since and no longter need to be talked into anything Chanel:nuts:
  6. Congrats on your first Chanel! And for a great price too, can't wait to see your pics!
  7. congrats!!!!!! how old are you PinkEms?? I was 24.........
  8. ^^^I'm 21. I think the greatest part of this part of the forum is there are so many different people.
  9. I was 16.... and I never looked back.... Haha! Still buying them.. Well not anymore for 2007. New year hurry up!
  10. I think I was either 29 or 30 when I bought my first Chanel with my paycheck. It's the medium/large black lambskin classic flap. I don't remember how I get into Chanel though, no one in my family or circle of friends is interested in this brand. :confused1: Anyway...after 10+ years, I am still loving it.:tender:
  11. 17 or 18 - they were gifts from my parents :p
  12. 31
  13. I bought myself a gst when I turned 30
  14. I was 22 when I bought my first Chanel :p
  15. 25.. & just made my 1st purchase last month ;)