Holts stock selection?

  1. Can anyone tell me the stock selection for Chloes on sale in toronto Bloor or parkdale?

    I was in Ottawa and they had two guccis, one pelham with green flowers and one white leather peggy. They had two balenciagas, not sure of the names! and two Prada at pretty decent prices and some Mui Muis. Thats all I remember!

    These are links of some of what I have seen:

    This in white:

  2. mon_danya, do you happen to know how much the pelham cost? TIA.
  3. No I didn't look but I am sure there was a 2nd markdown on it! I also saw it a week ago at the Gucci outlet in NY. Woodbury Commons. I got a Gucci leather Grace bag from the outlet at about 60% off so its good to call and check!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Did you see if there was a Prada fringe bag in black?
  6. No I didn't see any!
  7. I saw one colour there yesterday in an edith bag, but it wasn't the nicest and it was only marked down to just under 1000
  8. oh yeah...how typical of Holts! I wonder how much the silverados went down?
  9. I saw a silverado satchel at Yorkdale yesterday, down to approx. $750.
  10. Oh thanks...maybe I can get one with the extra 20% next Thursday!
  11. mona_danya, thanks for the info about the ottawa store! did you check out any of the clothes? is there anything in the dvf section or in shoes? i'm trying to decide if i should venture out in the rain....
  12. I didn't find much in clothes....The shoes were ok!I would say go today before the rush on Saturday!