Holts Sale

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  1. Anyone.findanygoodstuuf? also do you know when the extra 20% is?
  2. I think the 25% off everything should be coming up soon. Probably this weekend or possibly next - I remember it is always around this time, right before xmas.
  3. Damnit! I won't be down until the 21st!! Please tell me they usually do a Boxing Week thing... *crossing fingers*
  4. Yes, they always have sales for boxing week and thereafter. On boxing day I know there is an additional 10 or 15% off the price if you charge it to your Holts Amex card. At least, this is the way it has worked in previous years.

    The designer sale is on right now and some stuff is 40% off or more, including selected shoes.
  5. snowbrdgrl, when you said 25% off...does this include already marked down items? Because I got 2 pair of shoes last Sun...I am wondering if they will have extra % off, I definitely return and re-buy them again!!:yahoo:
  6. hi, no i believe it is 25% off regular priced items only.... and of course there are some exclusions as usual. Personally, 25% is not a bad deal but not supercheap, esp. after you pay 14% in taxes back to the government!!! :confused1:
  7. yeah...this is so true...so it is like you only have 10% off after tax and all that. I can't think of anything that I want from them...exclude those high end brands...but I will go to check it out!!:yes:
  8. Exactly how I remember it too!
  9. I got my invitation last night in the mail for the 25% sale. It makes me so mad that they put so many restrictions on it though. I was waiting for this invitation so that I could buy a Gucci bag I wanted and it says that Gucci accessories are not included.

    Here are the other restrictions as an FYI:
    - Tiffany
    - cosmetics and fragrances
    - Carole Tanenbaum
    - Gucci accessories and menswear
    - Chanel
    - Louis Vuitton
    - Hermes
    - Dior
    - Diesel denim
    - Prada phone and ear piece
    - D&G Razr phone
  10. ^ i was just going to post this, Thank you! Got mine in the mail last night as well.
  11. 25% off reg. price not a great deal in my opinion. If you have a US shipping address, its way cheaper to buy stuff online (Saks, NM, BG, Nordstrom etc) and have it shipped to your friend/relative, esp. with the exchange rate now.
  12. Yeah this is so true, I can't disagree. I have my friends live there, so I barely shop in holts!! Also their policy is ridiculous. No price adjustment!! Even you return, and re-buy it again...well you need to wait for ONE DAY, because they need to put it on floor first!! And I can't recall any good sales there:tdown:.
  13. the return policy is INSANE!

    i think sale merch is non-returnable now too!
  14. ^^ omg that's just absurd. Gonna have to check on that...
  15. i'm almost positive; i'm trying to find a receipt, but i think they're in canada.

    i remember buying a theory hoodie on sale that was really too big, but i wanted it anyway. i bought it, then after having it a week and trying it on in front of family, it was just swallowing me, so i took it back, no prob.

    then last spring (march or april) i bought two kimono wrap things to wear over swimsuits, and realized i could have probaly just done with one, so i thought about returning the other. i checked my receipt and it informed me that there were no returns on sale items! i was stunned! this is a huge department store, not some mom and pop place on the corner!