Holt's Sale starts today...

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  1. Then 40% off selected items starts June 11th.
    If you're feeling brave, head down to the shoe department on Bloor St. where Manolos, Louboutins, Choos, Pradas, etc. are marked down at least 20% off!
  2. Balenciaga - Sunday, JUne 3rd - RH Caramel Day on Sale at Holts Yorkdale. Marked down from $1150.00 to $779.00 and a black make-up clutch marked down from $545.00 to $379.00.
  3. i as at bloor today, ended up with a gucci tote, all the shoes i wanted were sold out in my size, too bad, but good for the wallet. being shopping waaaay too much lately.
  4. takeoutbox:

    what was the shoe selection like... especially like in 6.5/7?

    also, does anybody know about any other balenciagas on sale? specifically citys?
  5. i should have gone to Yorkdale! I can't believe there was a black makeup clutch on sale...I've been looking for one for a while now...I wonder what would the chances of them still having one....
  6. with the canadian dollar almost the same as us dollar in value, the sale at Holts is not as good besides most of the shoes are gone.
  7. i think 6.5/7 is pretty good. i was looking for 5.5/6, esp. 6 in louboutin and every style i wanted was gone. a few styles i wanted the smallest size they had was 6.5, you better go quick, it was very crazy by the afternoon.
  8. Oh Cool.
  9. No City's at Bloor Holt's today....but TONS of larger bbags on sale for $999 in black only when I was there.
  10. anyone has been to Vancouver's Holt to check out their sale?
  11. Was your Gucci on sale too?
  12. Selected Prada bags and wallets are 30% off at Holt's on Bloor!
  13. I was there on the weekend and checked it out. I was not impressed at all. The markdown prices for Gucci handbags and clothing ended up being more than what the Gucci at Hotel Van was charging. I put a bag aside at Gucci that I later found at the Holts Gucci for around 100 - 150 more. Also many shoes were not marked down that much. I bought two pairs of Louboutin espadrilles at Brown (BS or whatever) and one was 199 and the other 179. Holt was charging close to 300 (or even over) for them. I usually buy tons at the Holts sale but I wasn't all that thrilled. I didn't check out most of the clothes though mostly just the shoes and bags...so that could have been on at a better price.
  14. I was there Yesterday and they still have it there!!
  15. Hi Maggie! Thanks for the information. Was that Day bag a 2006 Camel? TIA :confused1: