Holt's Private Shopping Night Question....

  1. When is this and do you need to be invited to do so?
  2. I didn't hear about it...what happens private shopping night out? any discounts??
  3. for the shopping nights if you spend a certain amount of money you get a gift card in return. I can't remeber the exact amounts you have to spend and how much you get back. I think once it was like if you spend 1000 get 100 back then I think it went up to spend 1200 to get 100 so who knows what it is now. I always am invited but never have time to go so I have no clue as to how they actually are and who can go.
  4. I'm guessing since it's called "Private Shopping Night" you need to be invited. LOL

    I think it's for people who have the Holt's credit card or who have spent over a certain amount in the store.

    I remember walking by Holt's and it was around 7-8pm. People were drinking champagne and there was a bunch of special events going on. There was a showing of the new stuff for the season and some other events. There might be a discount but I'm not sure.
  5. oooh sounds like fun, I should try and go. but there are no discounts just a gift card to you depending on how much you spend
  6. I'm an Amex HR cardholder so if there are any private sales they usually send me an invite just like the recent sale. But no I haven't heard of this one yet.
  7. Usually there is one in early/mid Sept ( last year was Sept 6th in Vancouver), you can bring a guest but RSVP required.

    gift card amount VS. total amount spent
    you get$50 - $750
    $100 - $1300
    $200 - $2500
    $500 - $5000
  8. i think there is one in mid-march as well...
  9. i believe this year is Sept 5th. I'm not sure about getting an invite, i was just asked by an SA to come but I dont have the card and all. Maybe someone else can clarify.
  10. i don't think you need an invite.

    in march i just happen to be shopping in the late afternoon, and it was clear they were setting up for an event. the SA made a specific point of inviting me back later (after 6pm) to shop and have refreshments, etc. she was a real doll, but i didn't have time to go BACK and forth...so i'm not sure if there was a discount (she didn't mention a discount, and i don't have a holts card anyway).
  11. It depends on the store, some are more strict than others, some do require you have an invite. In Toronto at the last event, Yorkdale required an invite but SHerway did not.

  12. The last two times I went, you didn't need an invite to go. The SA's just tell you when it is anyways. They say if you want anything to let them know a week in advance so they can make sure the items are available for you.

    I remember the last time I went they had it the whole day and yes its been confirmed that the PSN is on September 5. They usually have this event in March, September and sometimes November.
  13. I got the latest catalogue along with an invite today in the mail.
    Here's the info:
    Wednesday, Sept. 5th
    6:30 - 9:30 Bloor, Yorkdale, Sherway, Calgary, Vancouver
    6 - 9 Edmonton, Winnipeg Personal Shopping Suites
    750 rec 50 Holt Gift Card
    1250 rec 100
    2250 rec 200
    5000 rec 500

    Please RSVP to Penelope Jones at your local store.
  14. ^ thanks for the info!
  15. Ugh I've bought a lot of stuff at Holts, but recently when I went to go buy some makeup, the semi-*****y SA told me I wasn't in the system. :S