Holts now "with it" as far as pricing?

  1. I got into Canada early last week, and hit Yorkdale over the weekend. At Holts there were LOTS of shoes on sale, and most were a good deal. Choo flats for $170, Tory Burch pumps for $209, and Louboutins for $350-$400.

    I also looked at the regular priced Loubs and noticed most seemed in synch with American pricing.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I was looking for The Row (they don't carry it), so I didn't take a good look at bags and contemporary, so I'm not sure if they've adjusted prices across the board or what.
  2. i've been noticing the shoe prices for a while now and they have really dropped them.
  3. I think it depends on the items... a lot of stuff still isn't comparable. For example, our premium denim is still marked up and we don't have the same sales as the US gals, and other brands like DVF, etc... are still pricey here. Makeup is still marked up here.

    For bags, Bottega Veneta is better priced in the US in general, but some others have been adjusting prices a bit. It's a bit hit or miss... best to check prices when cross-border shopping.
  4. I noticed that some of the Gucci bags were more in line with US prices which was quite refreshing!