Holt's Now Or Never Sale Begins Today!

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  1. I just got an email about this. YAY! :yahoo:

    Holt's is very hit or miss and their sale prices are usually much higher than other places, but I have definitely found good sales during the Now or Never. If you REALLY like something, I suggest getting it now. By the time 20% additional rolls around in about 3 weeks or so, it'll most likely be gone.

    Some things I've previously found are Loubies for $200-300, Tod's for $150-200, designer denim for $80-120, and even a Fendi B bag that was about $1300 for $500!!!

    Not as good as some US prices but definitely still worth a look. ;)
  2. Do they ship to the U.S.? Thanks!
  3. I got the email too...just trying to decide if I should go back or not. I saw some great shoes there on Sunday...wonder if they're marked down further.
  4. Thanks Azia - just got the email too. I got Fendi B bag during their last sale.
    Will definitely check out the sale this w/e.
  5. I went to Holts in Ottawa today and didn't see much. I got a pair of Tory Burch flats for $109 though, marked down from $225. Ottawa never has anything!
  6. WHY can't I be in TO....I called this morning and bloor has I think 10 tables of sale stuff in handbags!
  7. ^ There are a lot of tables full of bags, but none of the bags were very interesting at all...you're not missing out on anything IMO. ;)
  8. Oh yeah...ok, I do feel a lot better now! Thanks:flowers:
  9. If anyone sees any good shoe deals while they're there, please post :smile: TIA!!
  10. Went to check out the Bloor St and Sherway locations today. Really nothing to get excited about! Didn't see any handbags I liked. The shoes didn't appear to be marked down again for the Now or Never sale (they look like the Boxing day prices):tdown:

    Just bought a Prada tie for my dad, Reg $260 got it for $89. And a dress shirt for my husband which was about 50%. Nothing for me though!
  11. Just got back from there, I'm really disappointed. A lot of the shoes and bags weren't even marked down further, and the selections sucked.
  12. The only good shoe deal I found was Tory Burch flats for $109. These ones were actually marked down further for the NoN sale, and I think Toronto has lots of selection (Ottawa has none).
  13. i went the first day to yorkdale. Really disappointed in it and the store was quiet (what a bad sign). All of the bags i was previously eyeing hadn't been marked down any further and the selection was terrible.

    I spent most of my time in the MBMJ section and ended up buying a dress, regular $430 for $169. I went through an ordeal to buy it though, the sales girl was not helpful at all and it made me miserable (they didn't have my size). I didn't see any good deals in shoes at all. I found it funny that they sell Modern Vintage though, since I recently saw a bunch of them at winners.
  14. i'm actually not too surprised that there is nothing at Holtz... I personally think Holtz is kind of garbage.

    I especially dislike their SA's... so many of them act stuck up, IMO.
  15. I went in to check the selection out...I didn't really see much that had been further marked down any further. One lamb bag I was watching got marked down an extra $20...other than that, it was a bust.