Holts Montreal?

  1. Hi ladies and gents,
    I'm going to Montreal for a few days and was wondering if anyone has any feedback to share on the Holt Renfrew H counter. I've never been to an H boutique within a department store and am curious about the kind of inventory they typically have. (Yes, I know how ridiculously expensive it will be, especially given how weak the USD is). I did a search, but there are surprisingly few posts on this store. TIA,
  2. Hi, I was there in August 2006 and the prices were out of this world, and this was even before the dollar took a nose dive against the canadian loonie....I remember the bracelets were about 150 more that in NY, even after the conversion at that time. It is a nice fancy store though in a pretty neighborhood.
  3. ^^Wow, thanks! That's insane! I obviously will just be looking, then - I was just curious about whether they were likely to carry bags or anything I'd be hard-pressed to find in my store here:heart:
  4. OMG! Don't even get me started with Canadian prices on ANYTHING designer, esp. H!:rant: Although, I do hear that HR H counter does get great bags from time to time, the price difference isn't worth it, IMO.
  5. i bought an enamel bangle (thin version) at the Holt in montreal and it cost me close to $700 USD!!!! crazy!!! but i did see a couple kellys on display.
  6. ^^Yikes!

    Thanks for replies, ladies. I'm in Montreal now, was going to check it out today, but came back to hotel and was too tired to go out again before dinner. I wonder if the prices will be more reasonable after the price increases (if they're tied to the relationship between the CAN and US dollars):confused1:
  7. ^^^

    My SA told me that you won't see the price of H items drop for at least 6 months since all the inventory that they have now was purchased at the higher US exchange rate.