Holts has a few pieces on sale

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  1. I just got back from Yorkdale and hit up the Coach store (got myself the Legacy Stripe Capacity Wristlet :yahoo: ) and then headed over to Holts just for a lookie loo. They had a sale table and I found about 6 or 7 Coach bags on sale. They had 2 Madelines medium (oops, 1 since I bought one teehee) in khaki signature with platinum, 2 blue tonal denim braided purses, 2 chocolate tonal braided purses and 1 large signature gold stripe floral tote. The madeline and blue denims were around $250, the chocolate and tote was around $350 (sorry my baby was fussy and I don't remember exactly). I remember the chocolate definitely being around that range because if it was under $300 I would have considered it.

    This is the Madeline I got :tup:

  2. Congrats! I've never seen the Madeline with platinum trim. It's very sharp!

    Which Holts did you go to?
  3. congratz. I love the platinum trim on coach signature stuff. I got the capacity wristlet in signature fabric with platinum trim and I love it!
  4. The one at Yorkdale in Toronto :smile:
  5. I was at the Holts in Yorkdale last friday and I saw everything that you had mentioned except for the Madelines! They must've brought those out afterward. Great purse at a great price. :tup:
  6. I'm soooooooooooooo drooling! I have not seen that combo either! She's a beaut!
  7. Thanks ladies. I was sort of thinking of returning it since it wasn't even on my wishlist but I'm really loving it now.
  8. Great purchase dimsum. I would love to head to Yorkdale but I am banned until my birthday (which falls on my trip to the outlet next weekend). I'm also looking forwards to the Square One COACH opening next Friday.
  9. Thanks for giving us the low-down.

    Hmm...one of these days, I really want to check out Holt Renfrew just to see their Coach selection. I think I've stepped into that store twice in my entire life!