Holt Renfrew

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  1. Have you guys ever had any bad experience buying any premium bags from Holt Renfrew?

    Here's my story–I've been calling the Holt Renfrew department in Toronto and nobody picked up every time I called so I emailed them and finally got a response. I've been wanting to get a Black City Balenciaga and asked them about the current retail price. So, the SA took a picture today and sent it to me (attached is the picture), also she asked me if I wanted to set that aside. Looking at the picture, I'm not sure if that's a new or used one since the bag seems kinda floppy and not as stiff. I'm new to the Balenciaga world and can somebody tell me if this is new or not–I know that one picture can't really tell you anything but your help and opinions are greatly appreciated!

    PS. Not sure why she had to put the bag on the floor to take a picture.

    Many thanks! :biggrin:

  2. Ugh, putting the bag in the floor irks me too. That leather looks like 2013 or even '14 leather, my 2012 black RH Velo is nowhere near as shiny as the '13 or '14. As far as telling if it was a return you would have to ask them and hope that they will tell you. The year though, should be an easy find on the card. Update if you buy it!
  3. Balenciaga leather is known to be soft and smooshy. They stuff the display bags really well so it gives off the impression of stiffer leather, but many people want their bbags to be very floppy and to pretty much look like a puddle of leather when empty.
  4. I personally think the bag looks beautiful! A little side note though, the bag in the picture is not stuffed because it's not the display bag, and all bags from the stockroom are not stuffed at all unless otherwise being used for display. If she's putting aside a bag for you to purchase it wouldn't be a display bag unless it's the last one left in store and you must have that color.
  5. I don't know which Holts you've been dealing with. I love the ladies at Bloor St. Their service is exceptional. I can't imaging an SA ever putting a $2000 bag on the floor.
  6. This is the SA at Holts on Bloor St.