Holt Renfrew - Up to 60% off

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  1. Not sure if this is still a good deal compared to our American counterparts, but worth it to take a look!

    Any good finds?

  2. there's lot of shoes on sale, but like you said, the sale prices pale in comparison to saks, neiman's, etc. especially after PST/GST. there were a lot of TB sandals that were about $30-$70 cheaper elsewhere.
  3. Were any Gucci accessories on sale? It's not on the exclusion list, and I want to buy a belt.
  4. I was there last Friday... nothing great... very small selection of handbags :tdown:
  5. As usual. I didn't see anything good on sale there even on the first round.
  6. since shopbop, saks, nm etc all provide free shipping to canada...I no longer shop @ holts. they really need to do smth with this challenge.
  7. sounds like a deal..
  8. Just went to the one in Vancouver and it sucked pretty bad.
  9. But doesn't saks charge you duties when checking out? And the duties comes to almost the sales price sometimes... correct me if I am wrong though... wanted to verify this but their site is down...
  10. ^ Saks does charge duties, but it shouldn't be that high. I find most of the time the sales prices in the US plus duties is still a much better price than what we get up here at Holt's!
  11. NM charges the appropriate tax for your province and duties based on what you're buying. So, if you purchase something made in US/Mexico - there are no duties. In a lot of cases, because the prices are so much better it's totally worth it.

    As far as Shopbop - please correct me if I'm wrong but they ship UPS so there are often duty/brokerage fees charged at the door which can be crazy. If they charge up front now that would be awesome!
  12. So who exactly offers free shipping?

    I checked out Holts but didn't get anything, not much left I guess.
  13. Did you know that this year apparently there is no Now or Never sale?!?! I have bought a couple things on sale and there were some pieces I was waiting on to be marked down further but there is no official now or never. Some things might come down more but none of the SAs really know. I was ok with the sale but now I am just annoyed.
  14. guccigirl2000 - are you serious?? There's no Now or Never? I've been waiting for it all summer! It's the only time the sales at Holts are even decent.... Well, good thing I'm heading to the US next week!
  15. There were a few Gucci and Prada bags at the Holts in Ottawa. I ended up getting a pair of gucci heels but am hoping that they show up at an gucci outlet in the next two weeks!