Holt Renfrew stopped carrying Celine! Where else can we buy in Canada?

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  1. I just found out that Holt Renfrew has stopped carrying Celine bags, clothes.. anything! :sad: I spoke with an SA and she told me the line just wasn't selling.. something about it was too high fashion. Anyway.. where else may I be able to find Celine items here in Canada? Internet shopping is definitely NOT the same as seeing the item in person!
  2. Celine - too high fashion?

    I thought Celine was fairly conservative. :shrugs:

    Their bags for S/S are a bit sporty, though, so maybe that's why?

    Hope someone can help you soon. :biggrin:
  3. Yes, I agree, their designs are definitely more on the understated side.. I think she may have been using "high fashion" as a euphemism for "high priced" ? :shrugs:
  4. ^ Ah, I see! :lol:
  5. Holt Renfrew has a horrible habit of discontinuing brands that don't sell well and then re-selling them again once the brand gains hype. They did that with Dior cosmetics (which were not doing as well for a while, until the line got revamped and now Holt Renfrew carries it again). If Celine gets more hype in the future then Holt Renfrew may carry the brand again.
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