Holt Renfrew Shoe Shopping

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  1. Okay girls, I have read quite a few threads now and I think I'm ready to make my first brick-and-mortar designer shoe purchase. I just started my new summer job and I want to treat myself! I've ordered from ShopBop and eBay, etc. but I really want a pair of CL and I know sizing is very different with them.

    I have a few questions. I'm 19 (braces and all, so I look about 14), and I'm worried about getting a snooty SA who won't take me seriously.

    1) Pricing. In Canadian dollars, how much should I expect to spend? I want a pair of plain black pumps with heels no higher than 4" (preferably 3). Maybe peep-toe, maybe patent, not really sure. I know the prices for the US sites, but Canadian stores have not yet adjusted their prices to keep with the current exchange rates, so I know they'll be more expensive.

    2) Experience. Do I go in and ask for an SA? Start browsing and wait for someone to come up to me? Am I supposed to book an appointment in advance?

    3) Recommendations. Does anyone have particular SA that they work with at the Bloor or Yorkdale location? Is there anything that I should know before walking in?

    Thank you in advance for your replies!


  2. Sarah,

    I work with Sheila (long blond wavy hair) and quite like her.

    I buy my CLs at David's (corner of Bay and Bloor) - deal with Miray (his name is pronounced "meer-aye"). CLs are actually a bit cheaper there - just bought the simple pump in PYTHON there for 940$ CND, and the plain simple pump in bone white leather for $595. CLs are generally 30 to 50$ more expensive at Holts - not much of a difference, but still... the selections are VERY different, so it's worth checking both.

    Tip: for Holts, be bold and direct, ask for help and feel entitled! If you act like you don't belong, some SAs can act like you don't belong too.

    Miray at David's is AWESOME!!!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply Piaffe!

    I think I might give David's a try instead. I'm really looking forward to the experience, as most of my designer purchases have been through NM or Saks online and I haven't ever really been able to work with an SA.
  4. Hmm What about, Miu Miu,



    Christian Louboutin Yoyo


    Jimmy Choo Black Pump?


    Jessica Simpson Amy Pumps in black?


    List goes on Hehe
    Hope this was help
    Good Luck
  5. ^ is there any way you can get to another Davids location? The Davids in Bayview Village on Bayview and Sheppard has a lower srp from what i've seen on Bay and Bloor. Mind you their CL collection isn't as large as the yorkville one...