Holt Renfrew Sale?

  1. Does anyone know if Holt Renfrew will be having a sale in the near future? I haven't been there in a while, so I have no idea what is happening. Thnx for your help!
  2. Holt Renfrew always starts their sale early-mid June. It progressively gets cheaper until July 30th, which is the day everything is marked down the lowest, and they usually have the "10% extra if you use your Holt Amex." By the 31st, everything has been shipped off to Last Call.

    This has been like this for the longest time - my SA's start calling me when things they think i'll like go on sale and in the past they have tried to hold things for me until it's a good price, or if it's the last thing around.
  3. thnx...I couldn't remember if it was june or july
  4. good info, thanks!
  5. Actually, it's the weekend of July 30th that crap gets super marked down and all the racks are lining the store..the only risk you run with waiting that long for something is that it could a)be gone or b)if it's not gone, some SA's aren't willing to ship in certain items.
  6. I think the sale is at the end of july YAY.
  7. The designer sale is this weekend for preferred shoppers, June 2-4. Its up to 40% off women's, men's and accessories (all select of course). It says you need to present the postcard to get the savings. I got the mailing the other day.

    For everyone else its June 7. But yah, I'd go later on in the month anyways b/c that is when its super marked down. The only deal I found left over was a theory tank for $30 from $140ish.
  8. are there usually any good deals in the beginning of the sale? or should i just wait 'til end of july for the real good deal?
  9. Wait until early-ish mid July
  10. Are there still left over that's on sale in Holt Renfrew? I've been so busy that I haven't had the chance to check it out.
  11. hi cntower8,

    i was at the bloor street store a few days ago and didn't see any sale stuff left...there may be the odd rack but most if not all the merchendise is new fall items...try holt renfrew last call in vaughn mills...i think that is where they ship any leftover sale items...good luck!
  12. I was there yesterday and there was nothing left...but i was too excited over the fall stuff! hehe
  13. anybody knows about the fall and winter sales? is there a fall sale before xmas? I know there is one big sale in Jan.
  14. Is there a big sale in January? HOPEFULLY there will be one! I remember buying a Burberry Tote this year, I think in March or May, and it was the "friends and family" event, and you didn't necessarily need an invitation ... you could simply walk in. It was an event where you got 20% off initially everything, well excluding Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany Jewelry, and something else. I purchased a Burberry Tote bag that day, and a LAMB coat, and as I was buying the Burberry Tote Bag, I asked the sales lady if there was going to be another F&F event, and she said in September. But September has long ago passed, so I'm still anxiously awaiting! Also, she said these events occured twice a year guaranteed .. and since there has been only one this year, I'm assuming there has to be one VERY VERY SOON. So yeah, just an FYI :smile:
  15. They always have a sale in late November. Maybe just 33% off, but that's not too bad if you really want something. Then it goes to 50% just before Christmas and on Boxing Day, they add a "take another 10% off the lowest price" sort of thing.

    In other words, the sales are not that great on Boxing Day.