Holt Renfrew Sale starts this sunday

Jan 4, 2006
The key is 40% off selected merchandise, usually the items on sale are not the greatest & for clothing the sizes are usually sold out. Holt's sales are aweful nothing compared to Saks or NM sales


Nov 22, 2006
i like it when they add the extra 20% , for their childrens clothes it is finally worth it. I wonder when that will be


Jan 2, 2007
yikes! and the DVP/Gardiner are closed too this Sunday...hopefully it'll be worth the loooong drive there!


complete bagaholic...
Tenmosquito: Is an extra 40% on all items in the store?
Don't we all wish? :crybaby:

It doesn't apply on all items in the store - they have racks that has the extra 40% off or extra 50% off, I believe a few things are also extra 60% off too. Its only selected items - but they do get new stuff all the time. But just so you know anything u get at Last Call is final sale - so you have to be sure you want it.

I tried looking for stuff - I only walked out with a necklace lol.. the bags I liked were not 40% off. There were a few michael kors on sale with the extra 40% off (when I looked last week) - one really really beat up Valentino and a DKNY and a few Loyd Maish

Eww DVP closed for the weekend? That means I am not going downtown!

Is there another way to go to Vaughan Mills other than using the DVP? because its actually Rutherford and Hwy 400 - so technically you can bypass the DVP if you can find a way to get on the 401...