Holt Renfrew Sale starts this sunday

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  1. I was told by a couple of SAs at Holt Renfrew that they will be doing markdowns starting this Saturday night.

    I think it might be a private sale first but if you say you already know I am sure they will give you the sale prices!
  2. ooh thanks for the heads up!
    time to pay a visit! heehe
  3. did they mention what sort of markdowns?

    not much at our holts other than a few balenciagas...that french blue twiggy looked good, and they had two other twiggy bags already on sale...
  4. I just called and the SA knew nothing about it... :sad:

    I think a visit is in order on Sunday anyways! :graucho:
  5. I agree, I know where I'll be this Sunday... Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Mona, thanks for the heads up! I've already been bad, I've gotten 3 bags this month ... I'm supposed to be done for the year! If the bag I want goes on sale at HR, I know I'm going to cry!:crybaby:
  7. I went into Holt's on Bloor on the weekend and I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with the selection. They didn't have Gussto's or Grysons, and when I asked them if they carried these lines, they looked at me like I was stupid, and I was talking about a Gap bag or something.

    Being snooty is one thing, but uninformed on top of that? I wanted to slap both the SA's that looked down their nose at me. I think I'm going to stop shopping at Holt's because they seem to cater to customers who only want LV's, Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Burberry -- basically all the lines I'm not interested in. I don't want to offend any of the ladies who DO love those bags, they're just not my style and a high end department store at Holt's should expand their selection to reflect tastes outside of the big brand commercial names. I actually think I'm going to write them now and say exactly what I wrote here. :yes:
  8. i THINK holts is FINALLY doing price adjustments. i bought a juicy suit last time i was in canada (spring break) and i remember reading the receipt and the policy being a lot different than previous receipts. if it's within 14 days, maybe you can get a price adjustment? ;)

    jadejett- definitely right a letter...i have had ace experiences with the ottawa holts (the only holts i visit when i'm in canada), but i know others have had horrible experiences left and right with this store. someone needs to let them know!

  9. I wrote them! I told them that the two women who "helped me" were pretentious and dismissive and they should train their SA's to give their customers the respect they deserve, and to answer questions to the best of their ability, no matter how stupid their request may sound. I also suggested they start carrying lines outside of these big name mass market brands. I want to find lines I've never heard of. Cool items I can't get anywhere else - like when you go to Barney's or Bendels. Why can't Holt's be like that?
  10. ^ Thanks for speaking out for all of us out there who appreciate brands other than ones half the world supposedly know and love! Ever since I've joined this forum, I've learned to appreciate so many other bags, not just the obvious LVs and Guccis! Those are so boring! (No offence to anyone who loves them though, they're just not my style!)

    I wish some US department stores would ship to Canada or even better, another high-end department store would set shop here. I hate that the only choice I have when it comes down to buying higher-end bags is Holts. Their selection isn't great at all and they never get the good stuff! Plus, the sales are never as good as the ones I see online but can't buy because they don't ship here!
  11. Yes, private sale till June 6th.

    My postcard says up to 40% off selected designer spring fashions and accessories.
  12. Who did you talk to in there? there is one really sharp lady in there who's name is Marie. She seems to know whats up. I have had mixed experiences there lately too. I think when they expanded the department they had to hire new people.
    they may get Gryson, but you never know. They ended up getting Kooba, but got them well into the trend. Same with Balenciagia.
    They tried Gerard Darel, but nobody bought them. Now they have a whole boutique at Ogilvys in Montreal.
    It just depends what people will buy.
    I wish they had edgier stuff too.
  13. Who were you talking to? Ususally the "older" sales associates are pains in the rear! There are a few that I purposely avoid - they might walk up and ask me if I need help, I will say no and go talk to another SA in front of them :P. There is a girl there are is really on top of things and very nice too! She wears these sleek silver Prada frames hahaha!

    Btw - did you try the 2nd floor at Holt's on Bloor? Not all their styles are on the ground floor - they had Anna Corinnas on the 2nd floor where they sell the younger lines - they also have Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson and Lamb there...

    I swear - the SA's on the first and 2nd floor have NO COMMUNICATION - they don't know what each other have!:cursing:

    Which is why I go to Yorkdale - I ask for things to be transfered there :sneaky:
  14. The first woman I spoke to was a younger woman, tall, dark hair. The other was an older black lady. Both were kinda rude and not very informed. I hear ya about buying stuff and it not selling. That's just bad business. But if Holt's became known as a destination spot for selling really cool, up and coming designers, I'm sure they'd have a lot more people shopping there for that exact reason. Going to Holt's is one big bore lately.
  15. I agree - I have had mixed experience with Holts recently - Bloor is generally the worst out of the 3 I go to - [Yorkdale (not enough staff), Sherway (rude and discriminating - they thought I can't speak English when I asked them to elaborate on something) and Bloor (snobby and ignorant)]

    My goodness they used to have Darel? That sucks that they don't have them anymore! I would have really liked one!

    I agree - as must as Holt's is trying to re-brand themselves the past years - they haven't been that impressive in their selection of bags or clothes.. for that matter....