Holt Renfrew PSN returns

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows what happens if you have to return something you bought from Louis Vuitton on PSN from Holt Renfrew. Would they just give you a credit, or do you have to give back the gift card?
  2. I am most positive they will be asking you to give back the GC.
    That's why they mark it / stamp it on your receipt.

    Nice try though lol.
  3. If you return within 14 days, you get your money back BUT you have to return the EGC.

    What did you buy? Maybe we can convince you to keep it.
  4. Yup ....the GF must be returned also. Which HR did you go to ?
  5. I bought dbf yurman bracelet back in nov (for xmas) at the psn. Not only did they extend the exchange policy for me, they gave me a full refund on my credit card. Granted, I had to return the EGC, of course.
  6. I bought the Stresa after debating for a long time! I actually returned it today and got the Tivoli GM...which was the bag I orginally wanted. So luckally they are the same price!!:yahoo:
  7. I went to Yorkdale.
  8. Congrats on the tivoli. Now you have to do a reveal.
  9. I'm glad that you were able to get the bag that you originally wanted!