Holt Renfrew PSN in beginning of February

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  1. hey everyone!

    Just wanted to give a heads up on upcoming private shopping night from Holt. Although it is nothing like Saks' EGC event, maybe a coupla of you would be interested. :Push:
    I was told it is February 4...if not beginning week of february. It was orginally planned for March, but they bumped it up. Im more looking forward to the 25% off sale:sweatdrop:
  2. is it open to everyone? or do you need to have some kind of paper to get in?
    and is it 25% off everything? hehe sorry i know nothing about this sale
    give us a heads up if the date changes : )
  3. teh PSN is open to public, but if you have a specific item and your worried it'll be bought by someone else, you should have your familiar SA to hold it(hideit) for u =)
    The 25% discount is only for holt's American express cardholders ^^. UNLesss you are very familiar with a certain SA, then you can use whatever credit card u like
    and exceptions are LV, Gucci, Chanel...some jewlery brands (tiffany etc)
    but its certainly good deal for BBAGS
  4. Yes, I've been told that it's Feb 4 also :yes:
  5. When is the extra 25% off?
  6. I'm a bit stunned but which event is the one where you get gift cards for purchases? I am hoping that one is coming up soon too.

    There was just an amex weekend in December, I'm surprised they're doing that one again already.
  7. :tdown:Holts has the worst sales of anyone, anywhere!! They send notices like they are having a 50-75% off instead of the measly 25. Also if you read whats exempt it seems its everything I am interested in...much cheaper to buy online and a better variety.

  8. The amex event is in beginning of April, like always.
    The PSN is where you get gift cards...the amount should be the same from previous ones which isnt much of a deal.
  9. ^Thanks! I thought the PSN was the gift card event. Not much of a savings but at least you get $$ back for LV purchase - which is what I have planned ;)
  10. New to this, how does PSN work? Thanks
  11. I totally agree with you. They never have anything good on sale. I also find that the price of their sale items is sometimes higher than some other places regular price. You are definitely better off looking at the other great sales that are going on now, much better deals.
  12. speaking of holts, has anyone gotten that "70% off" email recently? Is it worth going to?
  13. Last year they did an additional 20% off sale merchandise. Does anyone know if they are doing that again?
  14. ^^ I think that is the last call clearance, which is usually around the last weekend Jan/first weekend Feb.
  15. Apparently the SA told me no...what they have marked down (now or never sale) is the final cut.. and whatever doesnt get sold will be sent out( idunno where) after January 25...