Holt Renfrew Private Shopping Night

  1. Hey there fellow Canadians,

    Holts is having their private shopping night soon.
    -With any min. purchase of $750 you will receive a $50 HR Giftcard
    -With any min. purchase of $1,250, you will receive a $100 HR Giftcard
    -With any min. purchase of $2,250, you will receive a $200 HR Giftcard
    -With any min. purchase of $5,000 you will receive a $500 HR Giftcard

    Edmonton-Wednesday, November 8, 2006 6:00pm-9:00
    Bloor Street, Yorkdale, Sherway Gardens, Calgary, Vancouver-Wednesday, November 15, 2006 6:30-9:30
    Winnipeg Personal Shopping Suites-November 15, 2006 6:00-9:00

    Enjoy :yes:
  2. Does this sale exclude any items?

    And do you need a HR Credit Card?
  3. I just got an email regarding the window event and concert on Nov 7 with exclusive holiday shopping between 8-10 pm. Does anyone know if there will be discounts during that time?
  4. Yeah, you usually need a HR card for these events :sad:
  5. ^I don't think you need a HR card (unless they changed the rules) ... I bought my Balenciaga twiggy last November and did not pay with an HR card and received a $100 HR giftcard (which I later used on my Mulberry roxanne).
  6. I believe that it includes everything including cosmetics and accessories and I don't think you need an HR credit card.

    BTW, 2% of the evening's retail sales will be donated to the children's wish foundation of Canada. A little something to kinda justify your spending :smile:
  7. happy shopping, canadians! :smile:
  8. I don't necessarily think you do need a HR C/card. I don't have one. I just went in yesterday and saw Nick @ Calgary HR. I planned on pre-ordering 1 item..but walked out with 4 items on that list!!!
  9. No, you are correct. Events that are posted on the email system is for everyone.
  10. yay! i will do my christmas shopping then! i already warned my bf haha!
  11. Is LV included in this?

  12. yep!:yahoo:
  13. darn, my trip to vancouver is on 11/16, missed by a day.....
  14. jazzie, r u sure? i thought lv, chanel, gucci were always excluded.
  15. Nick (SA @ LV counter), told me that after I pick up my purchases from the LV counter, I would have to go upstairs to customer service and they would tally up all purchases from the store, then give me the gift cards.
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