Holt Renfrew Private Shopping Night?

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  1. Anyone know when this is? There is usually one in September so it should be soon!

    Also, does anyone remember the minimum amount you have to spend to get a gift card? TIA!
  2. Hasn't your SA invited you yet?? :confused1: I've put my PSN order in on Tuesday already.

    Here it's Wednesday September 5th. Not sure about the time but I'm assuming it's 6 pm - 9 pm or 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm or something like that.

    Gift card thresholds:

    $50 GC - $750
    $100 GC - $1250
    $200 GC - $2250
    $500 GC - $5000

    I'm probably only getting the $50 GC because so far I only have the PH on my order, if the Nimbus comes in then I'll be able to get the $200 GC!

    You should call your SA and ask about time!
  3. I never go to the event itself b/c it is nuts! I am going tomorrow to pay for my item and then pick it up at my leisure after PSN.
  4. Thats so cool I wish they have this in hk.. !!
  5. Hi what is this??
  6. Nah, I don't really have a SA at Holt as he's never there anymore. Also, I haven't bought anything from Holt since my Pomme Roxbury in January! The rest of my LVs are from the Boutique, so I guess I wasn't invited! I usually get my invitation in the mail, maybe it'll arrive Monday?

    Oh well, I don't have $750 to spend anyways, since I bought 3 things in the last week! Can't wait to see your modeling pics with your Popincourt Haut! My Aunt was just here visiting from Winnipeg, and she wore her PH the whole trip!
  7. If I pick it up the day after, will they have my gift card ready with my order, or do I still have to go to customer service to get it? :weird:

    I was actually planning on going the night of to pick up my purchase since they're going to ring my order through in the afternoon, wonder if I go at that time, I will have to get the GC myself in customer service (because that would be CRAZY BUSY!) and I don't really want to do that since I"m getting my wisdom teeth taken out the day before and I don't want to stay in public for too long in case blood starts gushing out of my mouth...:sweatdrop:
  8. I heard you had to have the Holt's credit card to get invited to the PSN?
  9. Nope not true.

    I don't have one, and I was invited to PSN.
  10. I received my invitation with the new catalogue! I am definately going to the one at Yorkdale and getting my denim cabby!!:smile:
  11. hi, i was just there today, they have a few of the mm size but the gm size is sold out as i was told by my SA. good luck. i really like the yorkdale boutique, much better service than the bloor street holts boutique.
  12. I like the yorkdale boutique too!! All the SAs working there are sooo friendly and lovely!! I actually went there last week when they still had black GM and asked my SA to put it away for me for the PSN night! So it should be there waiting for me to be picked up on the 5th!!! :smile:))
  13. good for you! that's great!

    by the way, if anyone's interested, yorkdale holts still had a nimbus in stock.
  14. Does every LV store do this?
  15. Yeah they do. My SA told me to give her a call one week before the event to set aside some items for me but I'm still not sure what to get. I think I'll decide once I come back from my trip.
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