Holt Renfrew One Day Sale

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  1. Yep, it's 25% off again this weekend at Holt Renfrew Saturday December 16th. That way we can shop the leftovers from LAST Saturday's sale for Holt Renfrew American Express cardholders. Good news is we don't have to use that Amex card for this sale.

    Exclusions are LV, Tiffany's, Brown's, Fragrance, Makeup, Spring Collections, yadee yadee yada... you know the drill.

    Happy Shopping! Feel free to buy me something! :winkiss: Merry Christmas!
  2. I heard this on the radio today! Iwas down there last week and hesitated on an item, I'm hoping it will still bet here (although that is doubtful!!) here's to hoping! hehehe

    happy shopping!
  3. dang it! i will miss this sale! yeah happy shopping to those who are going to the sale!
  4. So who went? I looked around today to look for xmas presents, but it was a zoo in there. The Balenciaga and Chloe rack was definately popular.