Holt Renfrew Last Call

  1. Just wondering if any Torontonians have visited and what you thought about it?

    Sorry if theres a thread about this already.
  2. I have actually been before...and you can find some amazing stuff, you just need to be patient
  3. usually, they still have some of the bags.. mostly prada.. and lots of accessories. and if u're lucky, u might find some great shoes! for clothing, it's too much of a mess for me to look around. u shud try and go there :smile:
  4. I've never found anything great there.. I much prefer just driving down to the states for NM or Saks outlets.

    They do have some pretty good sales at times, it's just that they don't have the sheer volume of their US counterparts !
  5. I would really like to go to one.
  6. Where is the Toronto one? I might be going to Toronto in May :smile:
  7. It's in Vaughan, not Toronto.

    Its at Vaughan Mills Mall...it is a lot better now..it used to be on Steeles west of Yonge...this new location is better

    They just had a sale this past weekend..great deals..but its true, you can find better stuff in the States
  8. Vaughn Mills Shopping Mall - Vaughan Mills
  9. you really need to be patient to shop there...and like all other outlets, it's 'hit or miss'. Most of the time, it's been misses for me...lots of really old stock w/ strange smells and damaged items.

    BUT when it's good, it's really good. I got a Marc by Marc cami for $15 and a Prada keychain for $15 there before.

    I haven't been down to the States for awhile..so I can't compare..but obviously, the States probably have much more on sale and more designs.
  10. The layout of how they display their stuff reminds me of Winners. I've seen some really good deals though!
  11. agree! especially the clothes! i found some cute mbmj flats and miu miu yellow suede bag w/ different pins on it (from s/s05 i think) both are at a very good price!
  12. I've been to Toronto to go shopping three times within the last year, and I can't believe I don't know about Holt's last call! Also, can anyone tell me if Winners is actually worth visiting?
  13. i can't stand how un-organized winner is. it's just bothers me a lot when i have to go through all of this giant pile of clothes.
    honestly, i went to winners only one time. and that's it. i hate it. everytime i look from out the window, i only see a horrible mess.
    but that's just me.:s
  14. the bloor street winners is the only decent one that i've found (i've heard one on college is good as well?)

    i definitely want to check out last call soon!

    i can't believe i've never been.
  15. holts last call is okay...

    the best shoes are usually the ones already laid out near the bags and accessories, otherwise it's not really worth it to go all the way to the back of the store to check them out. most are just old styles and are very wrinkled.

    as for bags and accessories, they have a lot of cute ones but they don't seem to update their stock frequently...

    as pablohoney pointed out, the clothes area is messy